Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I love my weekends, but I especially love Sunday afternoons. The lazier the better. I get ready for the coming week on Saturday, by doing the laundry, the grocery shopping and the cleaning, and then Sundays are mine. After church and a quick dinner, I have the rest of the afternoon to do what I want.
Sometimes I work on my scrapbooks, or read or watch a movie on TV. Once in a while, I get a cooking bug and cook a bunch of meals that I can re-heat during the week. It makes my life easier during the work week if I do that.
I still have two daughters at home, so sometimes we go to a movie, but I really do like my Sundays quiet. It's the day of the week that I can meditate and solve problems.

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Karen said...

Did you make it to church today? Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!

Love Karen