Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Vacation

I've been off all this week on my Easter vacation and it's been a really mixed bag. Monday our youngest daughter had all four of her wisdom teeth pulled, so Monday and Tuesday were pretty much spent nursing her. She's feeling a lot better now, thank the Lord. Tuesday afternoon she couldn't sit still anymore in the house so we went to see Ice Age 2. It was a pretty cute little movie.

Thursday I went out to breakfast at Babs Diner with my Red Hat Roses, and then we went to Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Factory for a tour. I was very impressed with Mrs. Grossman. She is a Christian and runs her company on Christian principles. She says she knows she's doing a good job when her employees tell her they love their jobs. She lets her employees bring their dogs to work and she treats them very well. She also does a lot of charity work by giving stickers to hospitals for sick children. I also noticed when we went into their break room to get sodas that she hires developmentally disabled people. They were so great and you could tell they loved their jobs. Praise the Lord for people like her.

I've been busy the last day or so with cutting out and mounting rubber stamps that I bought from stamping up. I'm going to make my Christmas cards this year so I have to get started now! Today whenever the daughters rise from the dead, we are going to go shopping for the youngest assoriories for the prom. She already has her dress, but needs all the things that go under it as well as a purse and jewelery.

Tomorrow we will go to church and celebrate our Lord's resurrection. I'm so glad that Jesus loved me enough to die for my sins, rise from the dead and go to prepare a place for me in Heaven.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It is now April 11th and it's STILL RAINING! Our little bit of sunshine, was just that. It has been raining here all day and they said we will be getting 2-4 inches out of this storm. It is making people very crabby, including me.

My friend, Donna is coming over tomorrow to scrapbook with me. On Thursday my red hat group, The Red Hat Roses of Vacaville, are going to Mrs. Grossman's Sticker factory for a tour. I don't care if it's raining and if everybody cancels, I'm still going. Staying in this house is driving me crazy!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sunshine at last!!!

We have had the most miserable weather. We had 20 days of rain in the month of March and today was the first day without rain in April. Mike made the comment yesterday that I really needed some sun because I was really crabby.

The sun came out today and it was beautiful most of the day. It felt like I had a weight lifted off my shoulders. I could actually breathe better and my mood was very light. Every chance I got, I lifted my face to the sun and took a little mind vacation to Hawaii. It was wonderful. Of course, enjoying all this sunshine, I had to fall off my bus this afternoon and sprain my ankle! Luckily, it's not badly sprained. It just hurt like heck when I did it. Ice and ibuprofen worked wonders. Just in time for work tomorrow and more rain in the forecast.