Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bicycles Part 2

My darling daughter Kim, looked up a cycling club for me since I got my new bike. I looked at their web site tonight and then I called Kim. "Darling daughter, "I said. "Are you trying to kill me!" All of their rides are about 45 miles in length! Now I don't know about you, but after my last little ride of 2.5 miles, I could hardly sit down for the next couple of days. She actually contacted them because she says I need to take a class in bike maintenance. She's right, because the first flat I get, I will stop riding my bike for the next year while I try to find the time to have it fixed. I really do like riding my bike. It's just hard to find the motivation after working 8-10 hours a day. Oh well, that excuse is almost invalid, since I only have 6 more days to work until summer break. Whoo Hoo!!

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