Saturday, May 06, 2006


I've decided that the older I get, the more important my friends are to me. A true friend will be with you through thick and thin. They are there for all the important moments of your life and all the trivial moments, too.

Since I joined the Red Hat Society, there have been days when I was aggravated by my new friends. But I've discovered that maybe it was because I was trying to be too much in control as queen of the group. The last couple of months I feel like I've relaxed my grip and you know what, I'm starting to have fun. The ladies in my group are intelligent, funny women who want to have a good time. They are helping me to laugh and learn how to play. Sometimes we forget that!

Today we went on a picnic to the Napa Iris Gardens. It was a beautiful sunshiny day and the flowers, although not all in bloom, were magnificent. I bought three pots to bring home. One is a deep purple iris and I had to get it because it's name was Megan Elizabeth. (One of my daughters names) I got a pretty peach one that is named after one of my nieces, Jamie Lynn, and a beautiful pink iris that reminded me of Allison.

After the Iris Gardens, we drove back to Vacaville and went to Joanne Fabrics to buy fabric to make Santa Sacks. These are sacks that many red hat groups are making to give to a church in Sacramento that will fill them with goodies to send to the troops in Iraq at Christmas this year. We had a great time looking at all the fabric and buying many yards to make as many sacks as we can. I know the Red Hat Society's motto is "It's all about me!" but you can only think of yourself so much before you become so self-centered that it makes you an ugly person. We want to stay charming, so it's time to do a little service project for a worthy cause. We'll get together again on May 24th to sew the sacks. Isn't it great to have friends!

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