Saturday, May 27, 2006

New Exercise Challange

I sent my bike with my husband to the local bike shop to have some maintanace done on it. Hubby took his bike too, since we decided we would start riding again. When we went to pick up the bikes, the guy at the store said to me, "I thought you would be 5'2"!" I asked him why he thought that. (I'm 5'9") He said that the bike I have is way to small for me. No wonder I was hitting my chest with my knees!

Now I am the proud owner of a K2 Big Easy Deuce. It has 21 speeds and nice v-brakes and a u-shaped handlebar. I like it because it also has a wide seat for my wide rear. I intend to ride it to work since I only live 2.5 miles from work. I had a headlight and taillight put on it for that purpose since I leave for work about 5:30 am every day. Speaking of that headlight, I have to say the salesman was a little condescending about my age. He pointed out a headlight with a rechargable battery, and then said I wouldn't want that one. He then tried to sell me a headlight that I would have to buy lots of batteries to keep replacing them. I asked him why I wouldn't want the rechargeable battery and he said I probably wouldn't know how to recharge it!
I told him, I wasn't a dinosaur, I could read, and I actually had a cell phone that I charged every couple of days , so I thought I could figure it out. (There goes Ruth again. Actually I said all that with a smile on my face even if my teeth were gritting.) I also told him I would be back in six months for the spandex!

I actually rode my bike to work yesterday. It took me longer to get ready to ride it, then the actual ride to work. I had to find my backpack (which hubby threw away when the dog got sick on it). So I had to find another backpack, pack my water bottle, my book, my purse, the bike lock, and my keys. So now I have a 40lb sack on my back. Gotta get the gloves on and the helmet. I started on my ride and found out that, oh my gosh, most of the ride to work is downhill! It took me 15 minutes to get ready for the ride and 5 minutes to get there. I got out on Browns Valley Road and found out just how fast those cars are going. I started to pick up speed going down hill and started to try to brake slowly. Now remember that I am from the generation that had coaster brakes on their bikes. Just press backwards on the pedals to slow down or stop. So I'm pressing backwards on the pedals to slow down and nothing is happening, except that I'm going faster and my front wheel is starting to wobble a little because I'm panicking. I'm thinking at any minute I'm going to fall under one of these speeding cars and I'm going to be very big road kill! Just as disaster seems imminent, I remembered the hand brakes. I managed to squeeze gently even in my state of panic, because I did remember it is not good to go flying over the handlebars. I made it in one piece to work and I will save the telling of the long uphill bike ride home for another day.

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Queen Deb said...

Debbie, That was so funny, I am so glad you made it in one piece, you Old dinosaur, I can't wait for the spandex!hehe
Hope you made it home safe.
Queen Deb