Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Bart Experience

The other day we were planning to take a trip to the San Francisco Airport to pick up our youngest daughter from her 10 day trip to Alaska. I told darling hubby that we should look up the Bart schedule and drive part way to a Bart station and take it the rest of the way. I got online and low and behold, it was a Spare the Air day and it was free to ride Bart all day. Whoopee, it would save us a lot of gas and time so off we went.

We took our other darling daughter with us and left about 3:00pm. We drove to the Bart Station in El Cerrito Del Norte and parked the car in the first available parking spot. Everybody else must have heard about the free ride because the parking lot was full. We waited about 5 minutes for the Bart train we wanted to take and hopped on with a lot of other people. We took a seat and had a pleasant time in a clean environment (no eating or drinking allowed) and found ourselves at the Powell Street station in about 15 to 20 minutes. We got off there because there is a big shopping mall. We stayed long enough to buy some Crocs (ugly shoes) for all three of us and have dinner at Panda Express. Then we hopped back on to the Bart and took it all the way to the San Francisco Airport stop, where we transferred to the Air train (monorail) that took us right to the terminal.

We arrived at the terminal about an hour before Ally was due to come in, so we took a seat in the diner with a view out the window to watch for her plane. She arrived safely and right on time. After all that time in the air, I thought she might be crabby about taking Bart home, but she was quite happy about it.

Going home was pretty uneventful, except the trains were crowded because it was late and everyone was headed home. You can bring your bicycles on Bart too, which can be a hassle when the trains are crowded. We had a couple of obnoxious Berkley college boys on the train with us with their bicycles and when we were transferring to another train this kid almost ran me down with his bike and said, "Are you going to let me get on first!" He cut me off and I made sure he heard me say, "Of course, young men should always go before women!" He did have the grace to blush and say, "Sorry".

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Karen said...

why don't you post what you found out about dads crocs? :0)