Sunday, June 18, 2006


For those of you that don't know, letterboxing is a fun sport. It's like a treasure hunt with lots of exercise. One of my darling daughters and I went on a letterboxing hike today. Since I am forbidden from divulging clues on this blog, I won't tell you exactly where we went.

First you have to go to or for clues to a particular letterbox that you want to find. A letter box is a waterproof box that someone has hidden with a log book and hand carved stamp inside. You have to make your own hand carved stamp and log book and when you find a letterbox, you stamp your hand carved stamp into their log book and their hand carved stamp in your log book. I'm afraid that I am not conveying the excitement of letterboxing because of the way I'm explaining it. Let me tell you that it's a great journey to the destination.

My darling daughter and I started after our first letterbox today and quickly found out that we should have brought gloves and a long stick. We didn't find the first letterbox because we had to cross a water filled ditch that we very nearly fell into and then had to reach into bushes that were very scratchy. After laughing so hard at each other that we almost wet our pants, we decided to give up on that one. The second one, after a lot of walking, we did find, but I was a little more leary of sticking my hand into the spot where I pulled out the box. It occurred to me that there might be a snake in there. So make sure you bring gloves and a stick on your letterboxing outings. We were thrilled that we found the box and it had a great carved stamp in it. We also had a great walking workout of about 3 miles. We're going to look for more letterboxes tomorrow after I play my first round of golf ever. I'll let you know how that goes!

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