Monday, June 19, 2006

Playing my first round of Golf!

Well, this morning my darling hubby rolled me out of bed at 6:15 am to go play golf. We decided not to keep score after we lost the pencils on the second tee. It was a beautiful morning and because it was so early we didn't have a lot of heat. We walked the 9 holes and pulled our bags on rolling carts. Some holes we picked our balls up and walked on to the next hole because we had so many strokes. The seventh hole, I lost my ball. We looked everywhere but it was not to be found. The eighth hole I hit the ball from the tee to within 15 yards of the green. I was so excited. I may not be a good golfer but I'm having fun trying a new sport. It was great exercise and I really enjoyed the morning.

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Karen said...

Good to hear you had so much fun! Maybe we will learn that sport someday.