Friday, August 18, 2006

Vacation Season is Almost Over

I just got back from my family reunion in Michigan. I flew to Nashville and then the very next day, drove with my daughter and two adorable grandchildren to Michigan. It was a 14 hour trip, but the grandbabies did great! This grandma did pretty good, too.

We stayed at my dad's house when we got to Michigan and I was able to spend time with my brother and sister, too. We took the grandbabies fishing and Munchkin caught the biggest fish. It was a 14 inch rainbow trout. Afterwards, she and Little Man fed a calf that was wandering around the yard at the trout pond. They got a big kick out of it and I took lots of pictures.

The family reunion was a little small this year, but everyone enjoyed themselves and it was great to reconnect with two of my favorite aunts, Aunt Ruth and Aunt Leobelle. The day after the reunion we took a trip to Mackinaw Island. It's so much fun up there and so pretty too. We found two letterboxes on the island, The Grand Hotel, and the Somewhere In Time. That was all we had time for because everybody was pretty tired out. I bought and ice cream cone for the grandbabies to share and it was the most humongus cone I've ever seen. The ice cream completely covered Munchkins face when she held it out in front of her so I could take a picture!

We spent the night in Mackinaw City and then the next day we found another letterbox, Mi-Cat, in Mackinaw City. We drove back to my dad's house and spent our last night there. Tuesday we drove back to Nashville and Wednesday I got on a plane to come back home. I had a wonderful time, but it felt so good to sleep in my own bed when I got home.

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