Thursday, July 31, 2008

Learning to Sew

I am learning to sew more than just quilt blocks. Don't get me wrong, I love putting together quilt blocks and someday I may have a whole quilt top done, but right now I'm seeing the wisdom of learning to sew. Since DH and I have decided to take up Square dancing, it is more cost effective if I learn to make some of my skirts and blouses. I bought enough material to make two skirts and a shirt for DH. It cost me a fraction of what I paid for the ready made skirt and blouse and shirt for DH.

I went to a friend's house today (another square dancer, that also happens to be a seamstress extradenaire)and she helped me cut out and sew one of the skirts that I will need as my club skirt. We had a great time visiting and sewing and we will probably do it again next week. She has a serger and it's a wonderful piece of equipment. I have confidence that my skirt will not fall apart while I'm dancing.

It also amazes me that taking up new hobbies can also bring you new and lasting friendships. We all need those!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Again

We just got home from Las Vegas about an hour ago. It's a long drive. We left about 8:00 am and got home about 8:00 pm tonight. We had a great time but as usual we lost the money we planned on losing. We had more fun in the old Fremont St. part of town than on the Las Vegas Strip. They are doing so much building on the Strip that it's not pretty anymore. I'll try and find some of my old pictures (ten years ago) of the Strip and I'll post those and the new ones to compare. Right now I'm just bone tired. I'll post more tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Square Dancing

Darling Hubby and I have taken up a new hobby. Square Dancing. Yep, we're taking square dancing lessons every Friday night. Tonight was our second lesson. Darling hubby is better at it than I am, but that's because he used to square dance all the time about 30 years ago. I'm a newbie. When we first decided to do this, I told him there was no way I was getting into one of those puffy skirts. Well, after the second week, I WANT ONE! There is a really good reason that women wear those things. It's darn hot in pants!! The temperature in that room felt like 100 degrees and after you've spent 15 or 20 minutes as a dancing fool, you just want to strip. I went into the bathroom after the first dance and took two paper towels to mop up my face and neck and the back of my head was wet. Eewww! No more dancing in jeans and a top that doesn't breathe. I have to also get darling hubby a cotton shirt because he was wearing polyester tonight and having heat stroke! They want the men to wear long sleeve shirts so they won't gross out the women with wet, sweaty arms when they are doing that allaman left thing or swinging your partner. So tomorrow I'm off to see about a big pouffy petticoat and skirt and blouse so I can twirl with the rest of them.

Vegas Baby!

One advantage of becoming empty nesters is that we can plan something spontaneously. We woke up this morning and decided to go to Vegas. We got a cheap rate at a hotel and even with the price of gas, it's still cheaper to drive then fly, so off we go. It's also great to still have our DDs in town to babysit the boys while we're gone. Next trip will be some place that we can take them with us but not this time. We won't be doing much gambling (cause I don't like that anyway), but we're looking up all the free stuff to do in Vegas and that's what we will do. I love to go gawking at the Venetian hotel.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Empty Nesters...At Last!

That's right the last of our chicks has flown the nest. Our two youngest DDs have taken an apartment together across town from us. We miss them but it's a good miss. They have come over for dinner a couple of times and one of them came over today to visit for a while. It was so nice to look at the young woman she has become and enjoy talking to her like a friend instead of a nosy mom.

Someone asked us how we were enjoying being Empty Nesters. It's like being on a honeymoon. DH has three weeks off right now and we are just enjoying being together. Golfing, going to the movies, candlelight dinners. It's great. I'm proud of the way we have raised our daughters. They all are great women and they are making their own families the way it should be. Rock on, girls!!