Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Empty Nesters...At Last!

That's right the last of our chicks has flown the nest. Our two youngest DDs have taken an apartment together across town from us. We miss them but it's a good miss. They have come over for dinner a couple of times and one of them came over today to visit for a while. It was so nice to look at the young woman she has become and enjoy talking to her like a friend instead of a nosy mom.

Someone asked us how we were enjoying being Empty Nesters. It's like being on a honeymoon. DH has three weeks off right now and we are just enjoying being together. Golfing, going to the movies, candlelight dinners. It's great. I'm proud of the way we have raised our daughters. They all are great women and they are making their own families the way it should be. Rock on, girls!!

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