Thursday, July 31, 2008

Learning to Sew

I am learning to sew more than just quilt blocks. Don't get me wrong, I love putting together quilt blocks and someday I may have a whole quilt top done, but right now I'm seeing the wisdom of learning to sew. Since DH and I have decided to take up Square dancing, it is more cost effective if I learn to make some of my skirts and blouses. I bought enough material to make two skirts and a shirt for DH. It cost me a fraction of what I paid for the ready made skirt and blouse and shirt for DH.

I went to a friend's house today (another square dancer, that also happens to be a seamstress extradenaire)and she helped me cut out and sew one of the skirts that I will need as my club skirt. We had a great time visiting and sewing and we will probably do it again next week. She has a serger and it's a wonderful piece of equipment. I have confidence that my skirt will not fall apart while I'm dancing.

It also amazes me that taking up new hobbies can also bring you new and lasting friendships. We all need those!

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Karen said...

When you are done you better post some pictures!!