Friday, July 18, 2008

Square Dancing

Darling Hubby and I have taken up a new hobby. Square Dancing. Yep, we're taking square dancing lessons every Friday night. Tonight was our second lesson. Darling hubby is better at it than I am, but that's because he used to square dance all the time about 30 years ago. I'm a newbie. When we first decided to do this, I told him there was no way I was getting into one of those puffy skirts. Well, after the second week, I WANT ONE! There is a really good reason that women wear those things. It's darn hot in pants!! The temperature in that room felt like 100 degrees and after you've spent 15 or 20 minutes as a dancing fool, you just want to strip. I went into the bathroom after the first dance and took two paper towels to mop up my face and neck and the back of my head was wet. Eewww! No more dancing in jeans and a top that doesn't breathe. I have to also get darling hubby a cotton shirt because he was wearing polyester tonight and having heat stroke! They want the men to wear long sleeve shirts so they won't gross out the women with wet, sweaty arms when they are doing that allaman left thing or swinging your partner. So tomorrow I'm off to see about a big pouffy petticoat and skirt and blouse so I can twirl with the rest of them.


Karen said...

Ha!! I knew it!!

mtnstr1954 said...

I enjoyed your blog, especially the Italy pictures. My husband and I just returned from 9 days there. I have two dogs, too. Your pics were so cute. I just started a blog today. I'm new to this, but hope it will be fun.