Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back to Work

Tuesday was our "Back to School" breakfast to rally the troops. It's something our school district does every year and it's really nice. After the breakfast, I went back to the bus yard and picked up my route and bus assignment. Because I drive a special ed route, I needed to call all my kids and let them know their pickup and drop off times and just give them a friendly hello.

Wednesday I drove part of my run to get adjusted to the new bus I'm driving this year, finished my phone calls and made sure I was qualified to drive with the new tie downs we got for the wheel chairs this year.

Thursday was our official start day and I was at the bus yard at 5:45 am. Because of first day snafu's, I didn't get done with the am until 10:45 and then I came back to start my midday and afternoon at 11:30. I didn't get finished until 4:45pm. I was so exhausted that I called Mike and told him that if he didn't pick up dinner some place, we seriously were not eating. He brought home Jack in the Box. Not the best choice but oh well! I fell into bed at 8:00pm.

Friday I did it all over again. It was a little easier but Mike and I were both too exhausted to go dance last night. I did manage to stay up until 9pm.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Perfect Day

Today Mike and I decided to make the most of our last day off together for a while. I wanted to go to the Bay area to check out some of the National parks and Monuments and to get my Passport to the National Parks stamped. At the last minute we decided to take Lucky and Frankie with us.

We loaded up the car with plastic bags for picking up after the dogs, towels to wipe their muddy feet and a picnic lunch for us and water for all. This was our first major outing with the dogs since we got them. It was a beautiful day with temps around 59 degrees and a light breeze blowing. We started out by driving about 40 minutes away to Richmond and the Rosie the Riveter park. I stamped my book in the visitor center while Mike walked the dogs. This is somewhere that I really want to go back to because we didn't have the time to stop there for long.

Our second stop was at the Cliff House and Sutro Baths in San Francisco. I walked around the Cliff House taking pictures of it and the Sutro Baths. I also tried getting a few pictures of the surfers in the water. Mike took the dogs to the beach and had a great time walking them. At first they didn't know what to do with the sand. It was pretty funny. I had my Passport stamped in the gift shop and then met Mike at the beach to have our picnic lunch. The dogs enjoyed the sun and the sand and a little snack of chicken and water.

We got back in the car and drove to the Presidio. The Presidio was the oldest Army base in the United States dating back before the Civil war. When they closed the base in the late 80's, it was turned over to the National Park service. The visitors center is in the old Officers Wives Club building which has a gift shop with a very knowledgable little lady that told us all about the base. They have excavated part of the building down to the original adobe and bricks that the Spanish had put in and the hardwood floors dating back to the 1800's. I got some nice passport stamps there and then we drove down to Fort Point.

Fort Point is actually under the Golden Gate Bridge. I love that bridge. I got some great pictures of the bridge partially shrouded in fog and beautiful pictures of Fort Point. Because we were on a time schedule, we didn't go in depth anywhere today. It was all about seeing as much as we could today and deciding where we want to go to spend the day next time. I got my book stamped and then we went down to the Warming Hut on the bay and got my book stamped there.

Our last stop was the Marin Headlands. It is so beautiful out there. It's got a beautiful visitors center in an old chapel up on a hill. I got my book stamped and then we went down to the beach to see the pelicans that nest there. They are funny looking birds but I love to watch them sail when they fly.

Every one of the places we visited today deserves another look, so we will be planning more trips to the beautiful City by the Bay.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Weigh in was great!

I lost 5 lbs this past week. I'm doing good with writing everything down and being brutally honest with myself. I also love my new shoes, but they really give your legs a workout. I'm trying to wear them a little at a time and break them in. I'm wearing my pedometer all the time now and yesterday I walked almost 7000 steps. My goal is to work my way up to 10,000 steps a day.

Yesterday was bid day and I got the route I wanted so it's been a great week. Tonight we go dancing and I hope I get lots of exercise. It's really hot here right now (103)so it might be too hot to dance. I hope not.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cool Shoes

Mike needed some new shoes for work, so off we went to to the mall. We always buy SAS shoes for him to work in, because they feel good on his feet and they last forever. He wears them until they look terrible. We went into Takken's Shoes and he quickly found a pair.

While he was getting his shoes, I found a pair for me. They are called earth shoes. When you wear them it's like walking on a 3.7 incline. They are supposed to build endurance, correct posture and eliminate back pain, stimulate and exercise muscles, and aid natural walking motion. They are very light weight and you can bend them in half. I put them on and they fit to your foot. I walked around the store and I was hooked. I could feel my spine lengthening and my lower back pain that I had been suffering all week with, disappear. It feels like your walking in sand. I left the store with my very first pair. The only drawback to these shoes are they are UGLY. But what's a little ugly if they feel great, right?

I've been seven days on program and doing great. I weigh in tomorrow, but that's another story.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

An Apron a Day

Check out this page, You could win a free retro apron.

Summer is almost over

I'm sitting here looking at my calendar and wondering where the summer went. We didn't have any big long trips this year, but the time off has gone so fast. I have to go into work next Tuesday for Inservice and then again on Wednesday for Bid Day. Bid Day is when we bid on our routes according to seniority. We don't know until then, what route we will have and how many contracted hours we will have. I hope I get a good route this year. I'm looking forward to seeing some new kids on my bus and doing a good job with them. School starts on Thursday, July 21st.

My granddaughter in Tennesee starts the first grade on Monday. She's pretty excited about it. She's already reading on a third grade level. I'm sure she will do fine. I have to check with my other grandkids in Alaska to see how they are doing. My daughter is homeschooling them and they seem to be enjoying it very much. I'm glad they like school.

I have done alot this summer with scrapbooking and sewing. I wanted to finish scrapping my Italy pictures but I don't think I'm going to make it. I've finished two albums and am working on a third. I took almost 1000 pictures and I developed them all. I'm not scrapping all of them-just the best ones. The not so good ones are still going in albums where you just stick the pictures in. I put those in after I choose what gets scrapped. I only have Florence, Siena, and back to Rome to finish, so I did accomplish alot in that area.

4 days on program and doing fine.

Friday, August 08, 2008

3rd Day On Program

I've realized I've got to stay on program with Weight Watchers. I felt so much better at a healthy weight and I could do so much more. So I'm going to put a little comment each day on how many days I stay on program. 3 and counting.

My back feels better today. I hope I feel okay to go dance this evening. I have to finish a quilt square for tomorrow's Block of the Month meeting. I'm about half way done with it. I'm supposed to go sew at a friends house today but I don't know if it would be a wise thing for me to pick up my sewing machine and carry it downstairs and over to her house. I may suggest we do something else.

We are having cool weather here for August. I've got the windows open and there's a delta breeze blowing. It's not supposed to get higher than the low 90's. That's good because we usually get temps in the 100's. It will probably be in the 100's when I start back to work on the 21st. The only air conditioning in our buses is all the windows down. We have a couple of special ed buses with air conditioning but if we don't get that route, we don't get that bus. Sometimes in the afternoon, I just feel sick by the time I get off work.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Feeling Old Today

I got up this morning and could hardly move. I have one muscle in my back that loves to go into spasms. I'm not sure what set it off, but it's been very painful to move around today. It could be the 30 minute walk I took with the dogs yesterday and then the sitting and sewing in the same position for a couple of hours. My head knows that if I'd just get more exercise, I would get through this painful period.

I went to Dr. Oz (of Oprah fame) website, yesterday and took the real age test. It's a test based on what your habits are and how it can age you. I hate to say that I am really 2 years older than my age, according to my test. At least this is a great motivator to get back on Weight Watchers and lose this weight. I've been on program since yesterday. I need to exercise more and stretch out this soreness.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Welcome to the Computer Age

I was going to post my Las Vegas vacation pictures here, but I've spent the last hour trying to figure out how to do it. Needless to say, I've failed. Computers can be great but they can also be a big pain in the rear!

I like my computer because I can see lots of pictures of my darling grandkids.

I like my computer because it allows me (most of the time) to go to really cool web sites.

I like my computer because I can do this blog. Although, most of the time I think I'm just talking to myself.

I intensely dislike the new Windows Vista. I have Windows XP and do great with that. My darling hubby has Windows Vista on his computer. He knows less than I do about computers and when he needs help, I can't figure out what to do with that darn operating system.

I don't like computer programs that have glitches and then you find out you have to pay for technical support. Trend Micro Internet Security-you know who I'm talking about!

I guess computers are a good thing and Lord knows I'm tied to mine, trying to figure out what I did wrong with my pictures, but I think I'll go take a walk because "after all, tomorrow is another day!"

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Square Dancing, Teenagers, and Mels' Diner

We went to our square dance class Friday night and had a ball. I'm learning so much and it feels good to move my body. Our club has got some interesting things planned. We are dancing at the Nut Tree for the Harvest Festival in October. I hope I'm ready for that! It's one thing to dance on Friday nights with people that are all doing the same thing, and quite another to dance for people. Oh well, I'm stretching my comfort zone again. We are also taking a mystery bus trip in October to a dance. It ought to be fun.

After our square dance class we were invited to go to Mel's with some of the other dancers. We decided to stop by Borders before we went to pick up a book I wanted. They were having a book release party for the book, "Breaking Dawn". It's about teenage vampires, so there were a lot of teenagers in the store. When we went into the store dressed in our square dancing clothes, one girl about 15,(wearing clothes that made her look like a freak) had the nerve to look at me and proclaim to her friend, "Oh my Gawdddd!" First I wanted to slap her, but I thought better of it.
It amazes me that some teenagers have been taught no manners. But then I realized that they have been brought up in an age where they think rap crap with as many foul words in it as possible is music, and wearing as little clothing as possible is cool. At least after that encounter, ( which made me a little self-conscious) we met some people in their 30's that were very interested in learning about square dancing and where we dance. That was edifying. Then we went to Mel's Diner and people were very friendly and happy to see all of us decked out in our dance clothes. One thing I've learned about this whole episode, is that no matter what other people think, I will not let them steal my enjoyment of dancing.