Friday, August 08, 2008

3rd Day On Program

I've realized I've got to stay on program with Weight Watchers. I felt so much better at a healthy weight and I could do so much more. So I'm going to put a little comment each day on how many days I stay on program. 3 and counting.

My back feels better today. I hope I feel okay to go dance this evening. I have to finish a quilt square for tomorrow's Block of the Month meeting. I'm about half way done with it. I'm supposed to go sew at a friends house today but I don't know if it would be a wise thing for me to pick up my sewing machine and carry it downstairs and over to her house. I may suggest we do something else.

We are having cool weather here for August. I've got the windows open and there's a delta breeze blowing. It's not supposed to get higher than the low 90's. That's good because we usually get temps in the 100's. It will probably be in the 100's when I start back to work on the 21st. The only air conditioning in our buses is all the windows down. We have a couple of special ed buses with air conditioning but if we don't get that route, we don't get that bus. Sometimes in the afternoon, I just feel sick by the time I get off work.

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