Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cool Shoes

Mike needed some new shoes for work, so off we went to to the mall. We always buy SAS shoes for him to work in, because they feel good on his feet and they last forever. He wears them until they look terrible. We went into Takken's Shoes and he quickly found a pair.

While he was getting his shoes, I found a pair for me. They are called earth shoes. When you wear them it's like walking on a 3.7 incline. They are supposed to build endurance, correct posture and eliminate back pain, stimulate and exercise muscles, and aid natural walking motion. They are very light weight and you can bend them in half. I put them on and they fit to your foot. I walked around the store and I was hooked. I could feel my spine lengthening and my lower back pain that I had been suffering all week with, disappear. It feels like your walking in sand. I left the store with my very first pair. The only drawback to these shoes are they are UGLY. But what's a little ugly if they feel great, right?

I've been seven days on program and doing great. I weigh in tomorrow, but that's another story.

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