Sunday, August 03, 2008

Square Dancing, Teenagers, and Mels' Diner

We went to our square dance class Friday night and had a ball. I'm learning so much and it feels good to move my body. Our club has got some interesting things planned. We are dancing at the Nut Tree for the Harvest Festival in October. I hope I'm ready for that! It's one thing to dance on Friday nights with people that are all doing the same thing, and quite another to dance for people. Oh well, I'm stretching my comfort zone again. We are also taking a mystery bus trip in October to a dance. It ought to be fun.

After our square dance class we were invited to go to Mel's with some of the other dancers. We decided to stop by Borders before we went to pick up a book I wanted. They were having a book release party for the book, "Breaking Dawn". It's about teenage vampires, so there were a lot of teenagers in the store. When we went into the store dressed in our square dancing clothes, one girl about 15,(wearing clothes that made her look like a freak) had the nerve to look at me and proclaim to her friend, "Oh my Gawdddd!" First I wanted to slap her, but I thought better of it.
It amazes me that some teenagers have been taught no manners. But then I realized that they have been brought up in an age where they think rap crap with as many foul words in it as possible is music, and wearing as little clothing as possible is cool. At least after that encounter, ( which made me a little self-conscious) we met some people in their 30's that were very interested in learning about square dancing and where we dance. That was edifying. Then we went to Mel's Diner and people were very friendly and happy to see all of us decked out in our dance clothes. One thing I've learned about this whole episode, is that no matter what other people think, I will not let them steal my enjoyment of dancing.

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Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I wasn't sure anyone knew it was there. I completely agree with what you said!