Saturday, August 09, 2008

Summer is almost over

I'm sitting here looking at my calendar and wondering where the summer went. We didn't have any big long trips this year, but the time off has gone so fast. I have to go into work next Tuesday for Inservice and then again on Wednesday for Bid Day. Bid Day is when we bid on our routes according to seniority. We don't know until then, what route we will have and how many contracted hours we will have. I hope I get a good route this year. I'm looking forward to seeing some new kids on my bus and doing a good job with them. School starts on Thursday, July 21st.

My granddaughter in Tennesee starts the first grade on Monday. She's pretty excited about it. She's already reading on a third grade level. I'm sure she will do fine. I have to check with my other grandkids in Alaska to see how they are doing. My daughter is homeschooling them and they seem to be enjoying it very much. I'm glad they like school.

I have done alot this summer with scrapbooking and sewing. I wanted to finish scrapping my Italy pictures but I don't think I'm going to make it. I've finished two albums and am working on a third. I took almost 1000 pictures and I developed them all. I'm not scrapping all of them-just the best ones. The not so good ones are still going in albums where you just stick the pictures in. I put those in after I choose what gets scrapped. I only have Florence, Siena, and back to Rome to finish, so I did accomplish alot in that area.

4 days on program and doing fine.

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