Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Paws

I had a really busy day today. My two youngest daughters came over and we took my boxers, Lucky and Frankie, to Petsmart to weigh them and buy backpacks for them. I'm giving them a job using the backpacks to carry water and their own pickup bags. It's supposed to help them settle down while we're walking them. I hope it works. Lucky weighed in at 73.4 lbs and Frankie is a hefty 79.8 lbs. You can see how I can't walk them by myself when they won't behave.

After I picked up the backpacks and a Christmas stocking full of toys for the two of them, we went over to Western Ranch to get their picture done with Santa Paws. Here they are and I think they came out really cute.

Here's one with two of my darling daughters:

Santa Paws is put on every year and is a fund raiser for our local dog park. It really is a worthy cause and Santa was most gracious and kind to all the animals being photographed. Thanks Santa!


Karen said...

Very cute mom. Bobby thinks you need to move closer to be near grandkids. :)

Tealovinglady said...

Too cute! They look quite comfortable on Santa's lap. I think that Chewbacca is going to have to go and have a visit with Santa tomorrow. Cause this doggie mama needs a picture of her pup with Santa too!