Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Week in the Desert

Our anniversary was March 22ND. We can never go anywhere on our anniversary because I am driving a school bus at that time. This past week was our spring break from school so darling hubby and I set off for a time share in the desert in Helendale, Ca. It's between Barstow and Victorville. The accommodations were wonderful. We had a two bedroom, with two and a half baths and a better kitchen then the one I have at home. Hubby was happy because he could play all the golf he wanted for $50.00 for the entire week. I had a good time because I was with hubby, but that area was not my cup of tea. I was pretty bored. I like to go sightseeing and there wasn't much to see without going a couple hundred miles away. Oh well, I took pictures of what I did see and I did get some rest. It's back to work for me tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

I loved the snowcapped mountains and the desert contrast.

The outside of our condo.

Our bedroom and bathroom.

The kitchen, living room, and dining area.

This poor Canadian Goose was missing a leg and foot.

Hubs on the golf course.

It was a beautiful golf course.

This is a shot of one of the lakes around the timeshare. It was so windy that day that there were whitecaps.

This is one of my favorite shots. I was looking up at a Joshua tree and this is what was hanging down.

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Karen said...

Beautiful photos mom! I would have loved the mountains there. Bummer that it wasn't your cup of tea. Next time you get to go somewhere with lots of sightseeing! :)