Friday, May 22, 2009


Whoever reads this blog, by now knows I'm a school bus driver. This past week has been the most horrendous of my 21 year career. On Tuesday, one of the high school girls that I drive suddenly passed away. Sandra was a ray of sunshine. She was in a wheelchair but that chair did not define her. She was smart and beautiful and very much wanted to be a veterinarian. She would have been a senior next year.

Everyone that knew Sandra, loved her. She always had a smile for you and was seldom in a grumpy mood. She was very intuitive and knew just how to make another child feel better about himself or herself. She was loving and giving. I often thought that if the vet thing didn't work out for her, that she would make a great teacher.
She taught me a lot in the last two years.

If Sandra had any faults, it was not being able to get to the bus on time in the afternoon. She was such a social butterfly that she just had to stop and talk to her friends or they were holding her up with an extra hug or two. Sweetie, I'd gladly wait all day for you for just one more hug.