Monday, August 31, 2009

My New/Old Picture

I just love this picture. My sister found this in a box of pictures she was going through at my brother's house. We are 22 months apart so I must have been about 4 and she was 2. This was our version of a big wheel! I love the clothes, too. I think those must have been Buster Brown shoes and we must have had Little House on the Prairie dresses on under those coats. My grandma probably made the dresses and may have made the coats. I'm sure the car buffs will love the car.


Sue said...

Oh Debbie! I saw these on her Facebook! What a great album that was to look at! This is a GREAT picture for your header!

How's the quilting coming? I have not done much of anything lately as harvest is coming in and have been busy with that!

Take care!!

Flourchild said...

I miss you on TWD!