Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad Things Happen to Good People

Last week I got an automated message on my phone from the Vacaville Police Department, warning me that a man had been spotted in my neighborhood, knocking on doors. If someone answered, he would say, "Oh sorry, I have the wrong house." Then he would be on his merry way. However, if no one was home, if he could get in the side gate to the back yard, he would look for an open window or door and come in and steal everything he could carry out. He knocked on my next door neighbors house and the great grandma that lives there took a minute to answer. When she walked aroung the corner of her living room, he was standing there looking in the window next to the door. He gave her his rehearsed speech and left. He also went to the neighbor 4 doors down from me and knocked on their door. The daughter was home and asked who it was and he left her house too. She was quick thinking and ran upstairs and got a look at him through the window. Unfortunaly, he came back to her house yesterday while no one was home and he and whatever accomplices went through their side gate, and kicked open their side garage door and proceeded to ransack the whole house and steal them blind. We have had 20 of these robberies in our neighborhood and no one sees anything because they do their homework well and hit between 10am and 3pm while everyone is working.

This is so frustrating. We have an alarm on our house and two large dogs but we spent time last night making more improvements that we shouldn't have to make, but we don't feel safe in our own home. We weren't the only ones. Our neighborhood will be locked up tighter than Fort Knox. One good thing about this is that we are all making an effort to meet and know are neighbors so we can prevent this from happening in our neighborhood again.


Sue said...

This is incredible. Does anyone have cameras on their homes? This is a great investment I think and worth the money.
Hope they find these creeps.

Mary said...

I am so sorry. I hope they catch them soon....leave outside lights on at night! We had burgulars in our neighborhood in CT last winter and when they were caught they said they went for the houses without outside lights or with newspapers piled up.