Monday, October 19, 2009

Eagle Run and the Pumpkin Patch

I got to spend a week with my darling daughter and her wonderful husband and two of my beautiful grandchildren during the first week of October. The weather was pretty nice and I had a great time. The day before I left, the kids had their major fund raiser at school. It's called Eagle Run. They raise money by getting pledges and running around the circular driveway in front of the school as many times as they can. I didn't actually get to see the race because I was at lunch with Munchkin while Little Man ran his race and then I went to lunch with Little Man during Munchkin's race. They also had lots of fun things for the kids to do while they were waiting for their turn to race, like a cheerleading demo, a fencing demo, martial arts demo, volleyball, and gymnastics to name a few.

The next day, before I had to fly home, we took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch where they met their friends and we were able to go on a hay ride and pick out some good pumpkins. It was a little muddy but the we all had a great time.

Munchkin, Soccer Star, Little Man and the Big Kahuna

Bobby and Karen


Karen said...

OK, all but the picture of me are awesome! :) We are glad you got to come too. It was so fun that you actually got to do the pumpkin patch with us this year!

Sue said...

So glad you were able to spend some Grandma time with your daughter and grandkids. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.
I love the painted hay rolls. So cute!