Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Friends

Yesterday I called my husband from work and he told me I had a Christmas card in the mail. He told me the last name on the envelop and where they lived and my response was, "I don't no anyone by that name that lives in that state." I told him to open it and it was from one of my dearest friends that I had lost track of and hadn't talked to in a least 8 years. I've been looking for her for at least that long. I realized that the last address I had from her was the address on the envelop and I had a phone number too, so I called. She answered the phone and I was so thrilled to hear her voice. We talked for an hour and it was like we had never been apart. I believe that in this life you are fortunate to make one really good friend that you can tell anything. I have been extremely fortunate to have six women in my life, including the one I just found again, that no matter how far we live from each other, no matter how much time goes by between phone calls or letters, I know they are there for me and me for them. Thank you ladies for being such great friends. You know who you are. Thank you Lord for bringing each of them into my life.