Thursday, January 07, 2010

I feel like Oprah!

Here it is 2010 and I'm still talking about weight! Could this actually be the year that I get off the hamster wheel and actually get to a healthy weight? I ordered Chris Downie's book, "The Spark" and it is really starting to click in my brain. I know that probably most of what's in the book is on the Sparkpeople website, but I'm really enjoying the book. It's easier for me to read than to sit in front of the computer and try and read everything on the site.

Right now I'm at the part of focus and setting goals. I have decided that as a long range goal I want to lose 70 lbs. A short term goal would be to lose 5 lbs a month. That is do-able. Another short term goal is to exercise 10 minutes a day for the first week. I've almost completed that goal. Next, I want to drink 3 24 oz bottles of water a day. I'm on a streak with that. I'm trying to go to every day and keep track of what I'm eating. Another immediate goal is to remind myself everyday to "Be kind to myself and others." Ban negative self-talk.

I was thinking about "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and if I rephrase that as "Be kind to myself and others", it really is the same thing. It's very hard to be kind to others or love my neighbor if I hate myself. My body really is the Holy Spirits' temple, so I need to give it a throurgh cleaning.

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homeschoolmommy said...

You can do it, mom.