Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Everyone Following My Blog

I haven't posted much on this blog for a while because I have been busy posting on a blog I set up to upload a picture a day for this entire year. The new blog's address is Please pop on over and check out my pictures and I love to get comments too. Just no spam please.
This month because it's mine and darling hubby's anniversary month, I'm sharing pictures of past anniversary trips if you are interested.


Sue said...

Hi Debbie.
Are you keeping this one going? If not, I'll delete it and start following the other. But if you are I will keep it :)

I'm going to check out your other blog.

P.S. Were you having trouble uploading pics to this blog?

Debbie said...

Hi Sue,
No I wasn't having trouble downloading pics to this blog but I just wanted to do something different for a while. I will keep this one too, but I'm posting daily on the other one.