Sunday, August 01, 2010

Blogging Everyday in August

Once again I have failed to blog everyday. I took the challenge from NaBloPoMo to blog everyday in July. I hope everyone will forgive me, but I did go on vacation for ten days and didn't have access to a computer everyday. I did the best I could and I'm taking the challenge once more to blog everyday in August. The theme is green, so I think I will start out by telling everyone about New Belgium Brewery in Golden, Co.

We visited the makers of Fat Tire while we were on vacation visiting our darling daughter and her beautiful family. New Belgium Brewery was started by a man that went to Belgium on a bike trip and was visiting different breweries in the country. He wanted to visit one particular brewery, but when he got to it, it was closed. There was a small note on the door that said they would be open later that day for just a little while and to come back if they wanted to visit. He went back that afternoon and sat and talked for hours with the brew master. He took lots of notes in his journal and came back to Boulder, Co to start his own microbrewery. Fat Tire took off and that's his story and he's sticking to it.
This was our happy tour guide. He's happy because all the employees are owners.

On their 1st anniversary of employment they receive this:

They encourage all their employees to live green and to ride their bikes to work. This is how many pounds of carbon they've kept out of the air:

One of the ways to de-stress at this job is:

to take the slide. Or to dress up and act silly.

I loved their cool chandelier...

...and his motto.


Sue said...

Debbie, I thought you did very well blogging in July. We just can't always get to blog everyday. You did great!

As for that bike on the first anniversary of the employee? All I can say is WOW! That is an AWESOME bike and I would love to have it:)

Take care,

Karen said...

What a great post mom! :) It is fun to hear the history of places like that.