Friday, August 06, 2010

Karen, Where are the Ear Candles!

I have been fussing for a week with clogged up ears. Every once in a while my ears just make too much wax and I have to go in for an ear wash at the doctor's office. They make you put drops in your ears for several days before you do an ear wash to make it easier to get the wax out. I've been dutifully putting debrox in my ears for the last week, but when I called for an appointment, they told me I could not get in until August 17th. By that time the wax will be gone and I probably will need some other treatment because debrox is very irritating to my ears. One time when I was in Tennessee visiting my darling daughter, Karen, we went to the health food store and bought ear candles. This was quite the experience. Ear candles are a long piece of rolled wax that is hollow. It is pointed at one end. You get a paper plate, cover it with aluminum foil, cut an x in it and shove the round end up through the hole. Lay down and put the pointed end of the candle in your ear. Have someone light the candle and like magic the burning candle sucks the wax out of your ear. It really does help and I think darling hubby is going to have to help me with that tonight.

By the way, I find it ironic that it was going to take me another 13 days to get an appointment for an ear wash and they gave me an appointment the next day for a mammogram. Go figure!

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Sue said...

Oh we have tried those ear candles before! I think they really do help..funny as it may seem:)

Hope you get your ears unplugged.

BTW..your daughter who quilts (Kim?) follows my blog but I can't respond because she doesn't have her email set to GO! Anyway, nice that she is following and working on the CWT BOM!