Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mmm! Mmm!

This afternoon I got off work at 4pm and decided to go to the new Farmers Market at the Nut Tree. I thought I would buy some fruit and just enjoy the atmosphere. When I got there I walked around and even though there was really a lot of good fruit to choose from, none of it appealed to me. I met up with one of my friends that I hadn't seen in a long time and we sat on a bench and talked for a while. I finally said my goodbyes and went to the car intending to go home.

I had to drive by the See's Candy store. I told myself if there was a parking space out front, I would go in and buy one piece of candy. Sure enough, like a sign from God, thirty times around the parking lot and there it was. A parking space right out in front. I quickly parked the car and went in to get my piece of candy. Now See's candy always gives you a sample before you buy. The lady behind the counter must have seen me coming because she pulled out four samples and before I could say a word, she told me they had lots of samples today and she put them in a bag for me. Well, I could hardly buy just one piece of candy after that! So I bought 1/2 lb. box. Between darling hubby and me, this is what's left.

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Sue said...

"Thirty times around the parking lot'? Yeah, I can see me doing just that ;)

Your idea of 'treating yourself to just one' is about like me too. Nobody can eat just one...can they?