Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Morning is Starting Off Great!

I was upstairs working on my computer this morning when I heard a pop and smelled something burning. I thought darling hubby was downstairs, so I called to him and asked him what he was burning. He was also upstairs and that's when I remembered that I had put a pot of eggs on to boil. Yep, the water had all boiled away and the eggs had exploded all over everything. I just got a new stove and it has a quick boil feature on one of the burners. I used that burner and forgot that it does what it says it does.

Seriously, I think sometimes I'm having early onset Alzheimer's. In the last couple of months I left another pot on the stove for a few hours while I was away. Luckily, that was before the new stove and the burner was on low. The water was almost boiled away on that one. I keep forgetting to lock my car when I go some place and even left my house door wide open and unlocked one day when I went shopping. Am I just too busy or am I losing my mind. I don't know.

Today I have to do laundry, finish the grocery shopping, get ready for work tomorrow and I'm hoping to get some sewing done. I guess I better get off the computer and get started.

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Sue said...

You sound like you are too busy. Try making a list of the things you do in a day and get rid of anything that is just busyness and not so much productive. (there is a difference)

And then relax:)