Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pain in the Mouth

 I had a tooth pulled about a month ago and even though it's feeling like it healed up, I also feel like something is trying to work it's way out of my gum. I went back to the dentist this morning because I was worried that I might have a splinter of bone in there and that it could be getting infected. The dentist had a look and reassured me that I don't have an infection and it is healing nicely. What I am feeling is the gum pulling back from the bone which is perfectly normal. He said to give it about another 3 weeks and if it's still bothering me they can open up my gum and smooth the bone, but he wouldn't recommend it. I decided to leave it alone.


Sue said...

Sure hope it mends up for you okay. I have a tooth way in the back at the top that is feeling like it's going bad. I've only ever had one root-canal before and it nearly killed me. The Endodontist perforated my sinus cavity and I ended up hemorrhaging from my nose the whole way home. It wasn't good.

I can't believe I just shared that for all the world of bloggers to see. I must really be tired.


Marion said...

I hope it will heal quickly for you...having teeth pulled is no picnic!