Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Printer Saga Continues...

After I took the printer and all the supplies I bought back to Staples, I had some time to think about whether or not I wanted to buy a new printer. I decided not to buy a new one. Instead, I took my husband's barely used printer, which is also an HP Photosmart and went and bought more ink for it and hooked it up to my computer. Now this printer had never worked right on my hubby's computer, but I think that's because he has that horrible Windows Vista operating system. I have Windows XP and am very happy with it.

Hooked up to his computer the printer just kept installing itself over and over. He would hit print and nothing would happen, but like magic, the next day it would appear in the out tray. Since I hooked it up to my computer, it's been smooth sailing. I just want to say that Windows Vista sucks!

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homeschoolmommy said...

Well, everyone knows Vista sucks, that's why it didn't last long. :-) Glad its working for you (the printer I mean)