Tuesday, August 03, 2010


It's been a very upsetting day. I'm a school bus driver and each year at the beginning of the school year we bid our routes according to seniority. Our school district is struggling like everywhere else in this horrible economy we are in. Last year we lost ten very good bus drivers to layoffs and saw our transportation department lose all of it's home to school busing for regular ed kids. We started busing just special needs children. I went from being in the middle of the seniority list to 3rd from the bottom. We have 14 drivers left, 12 routes and 2 sub driver positions. Do the math. I either have to take the last route available or be a sub driver. I know I'm whining and I know that everyone is in the same boat at work but I still have my feelings and I need to share. Last year I ended up being cut 1 hour a day. Bid day was not my happy place today. I got the last route available and ended up taking another 1 hour a day pay cut. So over the last two years, that's like losing one 40 hour pay check per month.

My darling hubby is in the same position. He is a grocery clerk and a darn good one. He is a 40 hour employee for his company and we think they are trying to get rid of all 40 hour clerks. They are making his life miserable because I think they want him to retire. He used to work every holiday and they told him no more holidays because they have to pay him to much. He used to work every Sunday but now he has to keep reminding them to schedule him on Sunday or they don't. Meanwhile, he has to drive 45 minutes to an hour one way to work and he has to cross a toll bridge that they just recently hiked to $5.00 a day. Our city just raised our water rates again so that over the next three years we will be paying double what we pay now, which will give us a water bill of somewhere near $300.00 every two months.

No one, most of all our dear president can tell me that our economy is recovering. We are in the toilet and it's getting worse.


Karen said...

Oh no! Mom I am sorry to hear about bid day! :(

Sue said...

Really sorry to hear about this. I know that God has some ultimate plan for your lives and I believe too that it's a good one. We leave it in His hands and as I tell my kids, His hands are so much bigger than our own.
I'll be praying for you.