Friday, August 20, 2010


Thank Goodness It's Friday! Woo! Woo! I survived the first week back at driving my little school bus. I think the kids are all going to be great this year, which makes my job a whole lot easier. The first week of school is always a little nuts. We have to learn new routes, new kids, new parents and new routines. We also have to write out our rights and lefts so if we have a sub, they know how to do our route. We have to establish assigned seats and a seating chart. I can't believe it but I got it all done this week. Of course, probably next week they will change my route by adding or subtracting a child or two and I will have to write my rights and lefts all over again. I'm just so glad to have a job.

This is a picture of my bus taken last spring. I'm driving the same bus this year, so we'll use this picture again.

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