Saturday, September 04, 2010

Wineries and Cemeteries

Last weekend my darling friend, Donna and I decided to take a road trip. We decided to go up to Amador County and their wine country. We had been up there once before, about 4 years ago to attend a Red Hat Queen's luncheon at Villa Toscano Winery. We fell in love with the place because it reminded both of us of Italy. The wine was really good, too. This time we started at Bella Piazza, the sister winery of Villa Toscano. Here's a picture.
Bella Piazza

We tried about 9 of their wines. Just little sips, but on an empty stomach, we found ourselves getting very happy.  After we walked around for a little while we drove down the road to Bray Vineyards. They have a wine called Brazen Hussy Red. It was pretty good. We ended up buying a half case to share of Black Muscat. It was really good. When we went out to the car, Donna unlocked the car and the trunk and we put the wine in the trunk and she closed the trunk. Suddenly she gasped, "I locked the keys in the trunk!" I was laughing so hard that it was about to become a pee in your pants moment. We went over to sit on some chairs so I could pull out my AAA card when she suddenly remembered that she had unlocked the car door first. She ran over to the car and was able to get the door open before the car locked itself back up. She got the keys out of the trunk and was very happy.

We went on to Villa Toscano and ordered a pizza from their cafe and sat on the terrace to eat it. We drank plenty of water with it and sat for about an hour so we would be able to drive. Here's some more pictures.


After we left the wineries behind we visited three different cemeteries. One was in Plymouth, one near Fiddletown and a pioneer cemetery out in the middle of no where.Here's the cemetery near Fiddletown.

We found Fiddletown to be very interesting.

This bench was sitting on...

...the porch of this building. It was their community center.

We had to take a picture of this. Church was held in the saloon and they were having a tea party meeting and potluck that afternoon.

We loved this old barn next to the Cowboy Church.

We really had a good time and we hope to go back soon.


Karen said...

It sounds like a fun roadtrip. It is so good to have friends you can have pee your pants fun with! :)

Marion said...

Old barns have to be my favourite for photography. Love this one!

Sounds like you had a great trip. I'm so really deserve it after those hot days you've had!

Tealovinglady said...

Hey Debbie please send me copies of the pictures from our fun day! I need to record our "pee" in your pants fun too!