Thursday, September 09, 2010

Zumba - Dance Dance Dance

What have I got myself into??? I'm supposed to take a Zumba class tomorrow night with my youngest daughter. This looks like fun but I'm afraid I'm gonna break something for sure!

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Flourchild said...

Im going to try this class on Sat.! I read your previous post about working out at Golds. I want to encourage you and tell you to Keep it up! I used to teach aerobics years ago but now Im a participent! I spin four days a week, lift 3 days, do yoga and pilates and run! So Im pretty much a workout freak! If you need any advice or anything regarding work outs just ask!
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Im so excited for this new cooking group! We are going to have a blast! Im glad we get to make some real meals..I mean I love the sweets and all but having some good dinners will be nice!
Look fwd to seeing you in the new group!