Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apple Hill

My darling hubby and I have very little time together during the school year because we just can't get our days off coordinated. When we have a day off together we love to get out of the house for a little road trip. Today we went to Apple Hill near Placerville, Ca. It's a wonderful area with lots of orchards, wineries, and craft items to browse through. I couldn't wait to go on this trip and have been planning on what photos I would take. I wanted to get some of the fall colors in the vineyards because it's really beautiful up there this time of year. We were about 40 minutes from home when I remembered I didn't bring my camera. Boo Hoo!  Here's a couple of photos I grabbed off the Apple Hill web site.

We visited Boeger Winery and tasted some of their excellent wines. I bought a Saviongn Blanc for Thanksgiving dinner. We also visited my favorite orchard, High Hill Ranch and had a wonderful piece of Caramel Apple pie. We visited the craft booths and I bought darling hubby a new coffee mug that looks like a little person holding a Giants baseball. Go Giants!!! I had to have some pumpkin butter, apple butter, some pickled cauliflower, and a cinnamon apple cider donut.  We also stopped at Denver Dan's for chicken
pasties. Needless to say the diet went out the window today.


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Sue said...

Road trips are the best. I've been asking my husband for one for a while. Things get so busy that ya don't even take time to breathe sometimes. I feel like that's where I'm at right now.

Glad you enjoyed yourselves:)