Friday, November 12, 2010

FFWD: Roast Chicken for les paresseux

Translated: Roast Chicken for Lazy People. That's me. This is the latest recipe that I made with my French Fridays with Dorie friends. Check out the web site and buy Dorie Greenspans new book, "Around My French Table" and then come join us in our cooking fest.

This roast chicken couldn't have been any easier. A month or so ago, my darling husband bought me a porcelain covered cast iron dutch oven from Paula Deen's line of cookware. I love this dutch oven almost as much as I love my husband. It cooks the food great and is easy to clean up. But back to the roast chicken.  I followed the directions to a t in this recipe and you can see, it came out great. It didn't take long to prep and I cooked it 90 minutes. The only thing I would do different is put the vegetables in a little sooner. My carrots were still a little under done only cooking for 45 minutes. For all you people who are afraid to try the bread in the bottom of the pot, I say go for it. I used a thick slice of Rustic Tuscan bread. I also cooked the chicken liver like Dorie suggested and mashed it up to put on the bread. It was so good. The bread reminded me of something my grandfather always made for us after he fried chicken. He would fry the bread in the chicken drippings and then sprinkled it with sugar for us. Probably not the healthiest snack but boy, was it good!


Sue said...

Hi Debbie!

That looks delicious and thank you for sharing your new-found recipe with us.

Don't ya just love Paula Dean? Cousin Ken is making us a new kitchen so I will have to check out some of her cookware :) to put to good use when it's all finished. :D

Hugs to you!!
Cousin Sue

Karen said...

Mom, your pictures looks fantastic! :) Glad this was so good for you guys and a fun memory of grandpa! :)

Marion said...

This looks yummy! I love the pot and the photos came out really well.

I remember some not so healthy snacks from years ago. I agree with you...they were sure good!

Steph said...

Too funny! I love my dutch oven almost as much as I love my husband too!!

Flourchild said...

I loved this chicken recipe too. I made it last week and the P G this week. Both recipes are wonderful!
I got a Dutch Oven about 4 months ago and I use it ALL the time! I really think the food taste better!

I love the picture with all they yummy treats on that plate! What a good hearty meal!

Anonymous said...

Your chicken looks delicious! We loved this one too. And I love my enameled Dutch oven more than my luggage!