Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Been a While...

since I posted here. Basically, it's been about computer issues. I had downloaded a lot of pictures on my computer and then the computer went haywire. I managed this week to get them off that computer and download them on this one. Yeah me! So I think I will start blogging again with a post about our trip to Las Vegas last October. Yes it's been that long trying to get my pictures back.

Darling hubby and I took our trip to Las Vegas the first week of October, since I had a week off from work. We drove there, like we usually do and stayed in our time share for the week. Las Vegas seems like an odd place to go to relax but that's what we do. We are not big gamblers. If I lose $20.00, that's too much. So we mainly spend our time walking around all the beautiful hotels and casinos and taking lots of pictures, seeing a movie or two, once in a while seeing a show and eating. My kind of vacation!
Anyway, we went to this pastry shop in the Belaggio Casino right around the corner from their beautiful flower Conservatory. Here are the pictures:

Everything in the shop looked incredible.

Hubby and I shared the dark chocolate thing in the middle of this picture. Decadent, sweet and definitely tasted like more!
The most impressive thing in the shop was this:

Front of Lady Chocolate
She is covered with dark, white and milk chocolate.

Back view of Lady Chocolate

Here are some of the cakes they had on display:

This was just one of the hotels we visited. Tomorrow I will have some pictures up of the Conservatory of Flowers.


Karen said...

Yum! Is this the chocolate place you were telling me about?

Debbie said...

Yes it is.

Sue said...

So nice to see you blogging again!

I love the Bellagio! What a great place. We like to visit Vegas too and we don't gamble. But we do just what you do and walk around the town and in and out of all the hotels and casinos. Then there are the wonderful malls and food!

Love these pictures!

Marion said...

mmmm...that lady looks so yummy! What a great place to visit...all those amazing restaurants and shows..

Nice to see you blogging again!