Sunday, February 20, 2011

Napa Valley

Last Sunday Mike and I decided to take a little road trip just because. It was a beautiful day and we were having a break in the rain and miserable temperatures, so off we went. Napa is one of our favorite places. We like visiting the wineries there and we always stop at V Sattui Winery because it's beautiful.

V Sattui Winery

This is the Glory Hole at Lake Berryessa. We have been having a mighty drought here (hard to believe with all the rain the last couple of weeks) and when the lake is full, the water is over the top of that cement structure on the left of the picture. It drains down the "Glory Hole" and into Putah Creek behind the dam. As you can see, we need a lot more rain.

While we were in Napa we decided to travel a little farther to just outside of Calistoga. There we were able to go up and see the outside of Castello di Amarosa. It is a castle built in the Italian Tuscan style and it is open for tours and wine tasting. We didn't go in because the cost of the tour was more than we had with us that day but we hope to go back and take a tour.

Mike doesn't usually carry a purse, but he had mine that day. My kids call that purse my Mary Poppins purse because I have everything in it.

He had to point out the gargoyle on the top of the post. It was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Sue said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I have always wanted to see the Napa Valley.

Very cool:)

Karen said...

What a fun trip! It is nice to get out and be spontaneous! :)