Monday, July 25, 2011

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Yesterday we got up early and drove down to San Francisco for the day. The weather was perfect for our little adventure, cloudy and cool at first, and then the fog burnt off and it warmed up to a perfect temperature of about 75. We started out about 7 am. because we wanted to hit Dynamo Donuts on 24th St. and they open at 9am on Sundays. We got there about 8:30 and we were second in line. By the time the doors opened at 9, they had a line down the street. We wanted to try the maple bacon donuts and we weren't disappointed.

Since there were four of us we ordered two maple bacon donuts, 1 Caramel De Sel, 1 Chocolate Spice, 1 Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate, 1 Vanilla Bean, and a Cherry Cornmeal. These donuts are very expensive because they use the very best of organic ingredients. Truthfully, for us it turned out to be more about the journey than the destination. The donuts were good but not so good that I would get up early and drive an hour and a half to buy them again. But it was fun!

Me and My Shadow 
After we left the donut shop we decided to drive around San Francisco and try to see some of the city we had never seen before. We ended up at the Embarcadero Center near the waterfront and had a great time walking around and taking pictures of interesting buildings and fountains.

I loved this sculpture and this building on the right. The next picture is the floor of the Embarcadero Center. I loved the pattern. If I was good at circles I would love this as a quilt pattern.

This is the Old Federal Reserve Building. It's now called the Bentley Reserve and you can have your events there including weddings.
Clock Tower on the pier, Flower Sculpture and Bay Bridge

Darling hubby and two youngest daughters

In front of the Bentley Reserve

Megs and her daddy
Interesting fountain and sculpture

After we finished at the Embarcadero Center we walked across the street to the ferry building where they have put in all kinds of shops and restaurants. We got salami cones from Bocolone, which is Chris Cositino's shop from Food Network.

Buying Salami
All that salami, so little time!

We walked around a little while and then decided to go to the North Beach area of San Francisco to have lunch at the Stinking Rose.
Neon Ravioli, Gnochetti w/ Asparagus, Foccochi w/ garlic
This Garlic Rose Relish was really good!

Foccaci Rolls, Garlic Rose Relish, and Oil

Lunch was really great and since we all shared we
didn't get stuffed. We had a great time in San Francisco
and I will be sharing more tomorrow.

Bagna Cauda


homeschoolmommy said...

Yum, Garlic. Those are great pictures, Mom.

Karen said...

What a fun day in the city! :) Great pics mom but I especially love the shadow photo!