Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elk Fest in Estes Park, Colorado

Yesterday we took our daughter, Kim and our grandkids, Princess and Bubba to Estes Park for the annual Elk Fest. I was really excited about going to this because we got to take a bus tour with a naturalist on board to take us to actually see some elk. The elk bulls are in rut right now so they bellow and make all kinds of noise collecting the cows for their harem and scaring off or fighting off the other bulls. The video above shows what you can expect to see at Elk Fest. They had the usual things at the festival. Vendors selling yummy festival food, such as barbecue, kettle corn, grilled corn on the cob, apple strudel with rum sauce and  
funnel cakes to name a few. They also had a Native American telling stories and playing the flute and mountain man exhibits. Fort Collins Raptor Rescue was there and I got this picture:

This is a red tailed hawk they rescued with two broken wings. They are rehabilitating him and hope to release him back into the wild.
We took our bus tour which was the highlight of our day and these are the pictures I took. Some are taken from the safety of the bus, some are taken outside the bus with my 70-300 mm telephoto lens.
We almost got to experience two bulls fighting, when a younger bull I was taking pictures of, decided to amble across the street where an older bull with his harem was grazing. The older bull charged over and stopped short of fighting but let out a bellow and the younger one took his hide back across the street. By the way, these elk were in a neighborhood of houses and the people that live there coexist with the elk for the most part.

This is the young bull challenging

This is the old bull defending. I took the picture of the young bull outside the bus but as you can see, when he started crossing the road I wisely beat feet back in the bus, so sorry about the reflection in the window.
We really had a good time on this bus tour and I can't wait to go back again.
I just love how beautiful it is here. The fall colors are coming in and I even got some pictures of snow in the mountains.
Here's a picture of the famous Stanley Hotel. this is where "The Shining" was filmed with Jack Nicholson.
Stanley Hotel

Fall colors

Shadow from the clouds

the sun came out so the snow shows up better

Creek near the visitors center

my darling family

Friday, September 28, 2012

Blogging on my iPhone

When I got my iPhone about 18 months ago, I really wondered why I was getting one. I never imagined that I would soon become addicted to all the things I can do with all the apps that are available. I take pictures, upload them to an app, edit them and post them. I can do my banking, make appointments, add them to my calendar, set an alert so I won't forget the appointment and basically do everything I do on my desktop computer.
If I leave my phone at home, I feel naked. I do try not to be one of those people that hold loud conversations on their phone in public places and I always shut it off at the movie theatre.
I'm writing this entry on my phone right now because I just downloaded the Blogger app. Just one more thing I can add to my list!