Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bible Study, Square Dancing, and Water Aerobics

I started Bible study today at Faith Evangelical Church. We are doing the Beth Moore study, "Believing God." I love Beth Moore. She is such a dynamic teacher and I know I'm going to be a changed Christian when I finish this study. The ladies I met today were all warm and welcoming and I'm sure I'm going to have fun getting to know all of them.

Mike and I had our Square Dancing class tonight. It's a really big class. We have around 20 to 30 students every lesson plus angels (seasoned dancers that come to help teach the new students). We are having so much fun in this class and our daughter and two grand kids are dancing with us. We are going to join the club at the end of the class and can't wait to go to all the dances around here. Square Dancing is big in Colorado and you can find a dance almost every week if you are willing to travel.

I've been having trouble with back spasms again, so tomorrow I'm going to the Senior Center here in Fort Collins to sign up for water aerobics. My schedule is getting full. Water aerobics is Mon, Wed, Fri. Bible Study on Tues., Square Dancing on Sunday and Tuesday nights. Quilting on the first Thursday    of the month and in February I'm taking a quilting class on Monday afternoons. Now this is what I call retirement!

We also have to fit in time with the grand kids. I love it!

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Tealovinglady said...

Sounds like your having a great time. Good luck with your new quilting class!