Sunday, January 13, 2013

Square Dancing =Fun, Fun, Fun

Before Mike and I retired from our jobs, we started taking square dance lessons with the Vaca Valley Ramblers in Vacaville, California. We really enjoyed it but because of our work schedules we had to quit. Since moving to Colorado, we've been thinking of starting lessons again. We found the Square Dusters group here in Fort Collins and we started lessons this evening. We will have lessons every Sunday and Tuesday through the end of March.

We had so much fun tonight! We had at least 5 squares dancing at one time and some extra people not dancing. Our daughter and two of our grand kids came tonight and also signed up to take the lessons. Our son-in-law may come too, when he's not working. I was so surprised how well my 12 and 9 year old grand kids picked up the steps. Our grandson was so cute when he asked one of the dads if he could dance with his daughter that's about the same age as him. Our granddaughter was a little embarrassed at the beginning, dancing with a stranger, but by the end of the night she was laughing and dancing with anyone. She did a great job with her grandpa, too. We can't wait until Tuesday night!

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Sue said...

Good for you guys! Gordy and I tried dancing lessons one year to find out that Gordy (not me, of course), has two left feet! haha

Square dancing just sounds like so much fun!