Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quilting 101

I have been a "quilter" for about seven years now. In that amount of time, I've done lots and lots of blocks, started quilt projects, stopped quilt projects and managed to finish one quilt. The quilt I finished had wavy borders and after sending it out to be quilted, I was very unhappy with the results. My daughter loved the quilt so I gave it to her, but the thought of finishing another quilt kind of left me horrified. When I moved up here to Colorado, my daughter Kim, got me to go to her quilt shop and piqued my interest in quilting again. Kim is absolutely fearless when it comes to quilting and she's helping me see that I can create something beautiful without (pardon the pun) coming apart at the seams. I had never taken a class on basic quilting skills before so I decided to bite the bullet and take Quilting 101. It has really restored my confidence. I may not use everything that the teachers have taught us but the things I will use are invaluable to me. I just finished my quilt top and our next step is to layer it and use the stitch in the ditch technique to quilt it ourselves. The binding on my quilt will be the same fabric as the sashing. Here's some pictures:

The top half of the quilt.

The bottom half of the quilt.

The whole quilt top minus the binding. No wavy borders! This quilt makes me very happy. I love looking at it and it reminds me of jumping in piles of autumn leaves on a cold fall day. It will be perfect to snuggle under in my recliner. I've learned so much from this class that I may even take Quilting 201. Stay tuned.

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Sue said...

It's very beautiful, Debbie. I think classes like that are good for all of us. Seems there is always something to learn. It's nice that you and your daughter can quilt together.

This quilt reminds me of autumn too.