Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 Epic Road Trip in a Blueberry!

We just got home last night from an epic road trip in a Nissan Versa nicknamed "the Blueberry" and stuffed to the ceiling with 5 people, luggage, souvenirs and various other sundries. Darling Hubby and I took one of our daughters and two of our grandchildren with us so we could drive hard in two days to Michigan from Colorado, spend a couple of days with my Dad and Mom after the reunion and then take our time  getting back to Colorado. We started out at 4 am on Thursday, July 17th. This was the first picture taken as we pulled out of the driveway.

On our way, we stopped at various places to find some letterboxes. If you don't know what letterboxing is, go to this website. It's fun and a good break from driving. I gave each of my grand kids a roll of quarters at the beginning of the trip and explained that if they were fighting, being disagreeable, or just crabby, they had to give me a quarter. I also told them they could earn their quarters back if I caught them being nice. Thanks for the tip, Janet! They were so good on this trip I only had to take a few quarters and by the end of the trip they had earned them back. We drove and drove through Nebraska. Nebraska is the never-ending state! We did get to stop at Fort Cody Trading Post. The kids loved it.

 We stopped in Des Moines, Iowa to spend the night at the Ramada Tropical Inn and Suites. We picked that particular motel because they had an indoor water park with two pools and a big water slide. Got to keep those grand kids happy. Kim took the kids to the pool while Mike and I rested in the room. When they got back, Ryan said," I've had a really good day!" That made this grandma very happy. I'm going to break this up into days because it would be a very long post if I didn't.

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