Saturday, July 05, 2014

Internet and Irritation

Darling Hubby and I have had major irritation going on for the last nine days. That's how long our internet has been down. We had a small hail storm on June 27th and our internet went kaput! I called Dish Network and to my horror, was told it would be July 5th before anyone could come out to fix it. They very nicely told me they would take it off my bill when it was fixed. I called them this morning to find out when they would be here and was told not until 5:55pm. I wonder where they got that.

A very surly technician showed up about 12:45 this afternoon and proceeded to check things out. (I think he might have been mad that he had to work on a four day weekend. Not my problem!) Mike went out to ask him if he needed to check the inside line while he was in our neighbors back yard checking something there. (WHAT!) He mumbled something at Mike and when we looked outside, his truck was gone and we still didn't have internet. Both of us nearly flipped out. Mike got on the phone to call Dish but I told him to wait a minute in case the technician had to go some place else to turn something back on. Fifteen minutes later the DSL was back on and the technician never came back. The bright side is, I called Dish and they refunded my account for 9 days of not internet.

During that time that the internet was down, I had to take my laptop to my daughter's house so I could pay my bills on time. I didn't get to read my newspaper because I only have an online subscription. I couldn't check my email or Facebook page. Waa, waa.... We forget how much we are attached to our computers, internet and cell phones. 

On the really bright side, I finished a 1000 page book and I'm about 30 % through another book. My house was cleaner,  meals were on time and I even got some much needed exercise. Boy, will I be glad to get back to normal.

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SusanF said...

It is a relief to get back online. It's funny how we rely on it so much. When we were younger we had no idea such a thing would ever be. I still pay my bills the old fashioned way, but my kids do theirs via Internet. That must have been frustrating for you.
So glad it's fixed.