Saturday, August 16, 2014

Benson Sculpture Garden

This sculpture is titled "Painting Music"
Blogger is not cooperating with me right now so some of my pictures ended up here instead of below my writing. Oh well, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

I love the concentration on her face.
This one is for Megan!

This week I've been house sitting in Loveland for my daughter and her family. They are on a lovely vacation to Idaho and having a great time. Mike and I have been staying here because they have one golden retriever, 2 cats, and four chickens that need daily care. It's been interesting to say the least.

Yesterday we decided to go to the Benson Sculpture Garden here in Loveland. I think that most of these lovely works of art were cast at foundries here in Loveland. I toured one of the foundries a few months ago and was very impressed at all the work that it takes to make one of these bronze sculptures. The artists are very talented and Benson Sculpture Garden is a beautiful place to walk, take pictures and just contemplate the amazing pieces here.
 Wolf Pack
I love this one!

This reminds me of a sailing ship!

This is called "Breeze" I love the movement of her hair!

This needs no explanation.

Beautiful grandma!

I love the expressions on the faces of the statues.

Some of the beautiful landscape

A whimsical sculpture in the Children's Sculpture Garden    

This fox looked really real to me.

I was really glad that we went to the garden in the morning because we had a ripping good thunderstorm in the afternoon.

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