Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Epic Road Trip-Day Eight

This was a long driving day mainly because we had so much fun stopping everywhere. Even though the kids could have had more time at the water parks this morning, we opted to go to Witches Gulch. It's a slot canyon in the Wisconsin Dells that you  can reach by car or by taking one of the ducks. Since the ducks were $28 a ticket we decided to drive ourselves and pay $5 a ticket. This was such a beautiful place. We got there just as it opened for the day and no one else was there as we walked through the canyon on the boardwalk. I think this was my favorite place for the day.

I don't know if this video is going to work so I'll add a few still pictures here:

Our next stop was the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota. This was cheesy fun!

Our last stop for the day was in Blue Earth, Minnesota to see the Jolly Green Giant!

We got to our hotel in Sioux Falls, South Dakota about 8:45pm and went to dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was really a fun day!

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